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Tech Support (in space)


(23:45, 31/01/2019) I didn't manage to get everything i wanted finished
there should be more types of aliens, better alien movement, puzzles, sound, better commands. I had it all planned out! haha
I'm proud of what I got done in about 10 days. i'll go for something smaller next time!

I'm going to keep working on it, it would be great if you could link the finished game beside this unfinished one :)
please let me know how I can contact you. (alexmusk@hotmail.co.uk)


All files are contained in the SUBMIT folder, the overlay should be placed in the parent directory with the default name (gwgc201819_overlay.png)
Game is simply launched from INDEX.HTML no compression used

I recommend playing the tutorial but here is how to play SPACE HACKER 3000:

At the menu use arrows or mouse to interact.
Once in game left and right arrows control the camera, up and down access command history.
Everything else is done via commands.

"help" to view a list of commands
"man <command>" to remind you of its usage
"move <north|south|east|west>" to move your squad (n|s|e|w works too)
"use" to active the tile you're standing on
"attack <n|s|e|w>" to attack
"exit" returns to the menu

move/attack count as one move each.
Every move uses 5% of your oxygen, if your oxygen tank hits 0 moves will take 20% health until death.
You can refill oxygen at o2 tanks (blue tanks) and hp at medbays (red cross on white).
Enemies get one move for every 3 of your moves.
Complete the puzzles then find and "use" on the exit to win!

Have fun <3

"sudo help" Will give you some fun debugging commands.
I wish I could tell you the admin password but it just keeps showing *******! -AzureDiamond