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- Terminal is a game made by Blue Monkey, a small (and fake) brazilian game company by Lucas "Nikito" Araújo and Leonardo "Bluuee" Figueiras.

- All art in the game is Public Domain. All found at: https://opengameart.org/

- Tutorial: In Terminal you are an human space marine, helping your crew with the technology aspects of the missions. 
You are a proficient hacker (or at least your team thinks so) and use your computer on the S.S. Humanity to hack spaceships so the Marines can get their jobs done.

You'll have to use the terminal, your long time friend, to send some specific commands to the place your are hacking:

pause: Makes the robot stop walking.

resume: Resume the walking after a pause.

open: Open all the walls and hatchs at the same time.

close: Close all the hatchs and walls at the same time.

switch: Turn on/off the lights on the ship, but also the spikes.