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Space Revolution


# Welcome to Space Revolution! 
## Intro:

In the year 2077, the evil Fidas regime took over the government and started to rule with an iron fist over the whole galaxy. Their leader is the notorius bastard Oroban Vikar who is a cold hearted sonofabench, many cruelties are bound to his name and he literally has blood on his hands. In this time of opression the only people who are brave enough to face the merciless regime is the fearless Space  Resistance Marine corps, whose duty is to  overthrow Fidas and bring peace to the universe. You are Colonel Shepherd, one of the best Hacker in the Space Resistance Marine corps. Your job is to lead your teamand to help them get to where they need to be even in the face of danger.

## Controls:
Press Alt+Enter to go Fullscreen
Use WASD to move around
Press E to use a terminal and press Backspace to exit our of it
Go trough the trapdoor to proceed to the next level.

## Credits:
GameMoon - Dániel Ugrin -  ugrindaniel@gmail.com
Rou Bang - Dávid Mikáczó - nevermind5214@gmail.com