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Betrayal- an unrealistic, broken spaceship exploration game

Just an FYI, this game is incredibly broken. The reason for this is that I spend too much time on building the graphics engine and too little time on the game logic itself

That being said, it is still partially playable, although It may cause a crud ton of errors from time to time. 

Betrayal is a game, similar to "Betrayal at the house on the hill"
The goal of the game is simple - explore an abandoned spaceship. To do this, you must command your team of agents in a turn based fashion, recieving items and events along the way. The items you get and events that happen can be modified in the game.txt file, but again, I can't reccomend, this, because it might fundamental break the game.

Drag mouse to rotate view
Scroll to zoom
Scroll to scroll scroller. 
The game will allow you to explore during a persons turn, so watch out for that. 

P.S - Don't hit the "End turn Button"