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H4x0r's Quest


Title: H4x0r's Quest
Author: Josef Kuchař - josef.kuchar267@gmail.com - josefkuchar.com
Game files are in the 'dist' directory
How to play:
I think the game is pretty self explanatory but I will cover it anyway.
At first you have to start the game by typing 'startx' and hitting enter.
The game has timer (starts at 60s) and score. You can gain score by
gaining superuser priviliges with 'exploit' command. But first, you have to
understand how nodes / computers are connected. Every visible node can have
two circles. The smaller one is indicating whether you have already done
a network scan with 'nmap' command. The 'nmap' command will reveal all
connected nodes. The second circle (bigger one) is there if the node is
already rooted. You can traverse between nodes with 'ssh' command -
e.g. 'ssh'. Now the exploiting part: If the machine isn't rooted
you can type 'exploit' command. There are 3 exploits - one of them will
appear. AUTOMATIC_EXPLOIT.EXE - You don't have to do anything, it's fully
automatic. CLICK_OVERFLOW.EXE - You have to click on the game screen (left)
until the green bar overflows. FAST_BLEED.EXE - You have to click on the
left screen at the right moment (when two circles are aligned), if you miss
you will loose 5 seconds. When you exploit a node your score will increase
by 50. Hope you will enjoy this game