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Grand Hackster


Grand Hackster

Grand Hackster is a game about hacking by mashing your keyboard.
You need to aid group of mercenaries in effort to steal precious cargo from the alien ship.

Press any letter on keyboard to fill the particular area of the console - you need to have more than 50% of that area to use that area as key to lock.
Hold Shift and use WSAD to move your Squad on the map.
Hold Shift and use IKJL to move your Console Area Selector.

Look for yellow box with $ - that's your main goal.
There are also black boxes with green letters - additional loot that provides some extra bonuses.

When you find the cargo quickly go back to green extraction point.
Hurry up! Time is ticking, you must complete your mission before enemy will get you.

Press "=" to change game quality - in case poor game performance.
Press "-" to mute sounds - in case you cannot stand my poor creations.

Mateusz Morszczyzna