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Hax4Space - by Max Beffert

How to play?
	On the right screen you can see the map of a space station.
	The dark blue tiles are tiles that you have been to before.
	The light blue sides of the tiles are walls.
	But at the moment the map is mainly black because you havent explored it jet.
	To start exploring click on any black tile which is next to an already explored tile.
	Note, that you can't walk through walls!
	If you click on a black tile and it turns grey that means that it is blocked.
	You have to hack the tile to go further.
	To do that simply click on it again.
	The hacking takes place on the left screen.
	You thought hacking was hard?
	It's not!
	Move using WASD.
	Press space to dash forward.
	your mission is to collect all the light blue data points.
	These will add to your score.
	Oh, and don't get hit by the green particles or laser rays.
	They will damage you unless you are dashing through them!
	You can see your health on the right screen.
	If it reaches zero you fail, you loose a life and you have to try to hack the tile again.
	Don't loose all of your lives or you will have to restart the level.
	It's as simple as that.
	Do your best!
	Lets see how far you can get.
	Oh, and don't forget to have fun!

How run the game?
	Open the Hax4Space folder.
	Open Hax4Space.html in Chrome.
	Press F11 to switch into fullscreen mode.

Things I want to add in the future:
	-random levels
	-difficulty rating for levels to adjust score
	-health bar
	-better sound effects
	-more patterns
	-comment the code (I'm sorry)
	-I'll refactor this later

This is the first game developement challenge I have ever done and it was pretty fun.
This was also my first time using Java script.
(Or any scripting language. Usually I programm microcontrollers in low level C)
Needless to say I am pretty happy with the result.
Unfortunately I didn't have the time to implement all the Ideas I had.
But I have learned a lot and now I could probably achieve the same result in a fraction of the time.
For future geme def challenges I think I would prefer less restrictions.
(for example leave out the plot restriction)
But all in all it was a great experience.
I will definitely take part again next time.