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# Haxor2000
Hello, this is my game for the *Gynvael's Winter GameDev Challenge 2018/19*

# Little tutorial

Most of the things you will do at the terminal, there is also "**Chat**" app on which you communicate with members of your team. 

There are also other applications useful in the game.

Sometimes game expects some input from you.
Usually, your assistant - **Help_bot** will specify what you should write on chat.

If you don't know what to do next, you can ask him about it by entering the "**!help**" or "**!help_bot**" command on the chat.

## OS
In the haxor2000 universe, the devices architecture is very simple - all files can be found in the root directory, because **there are no folders** here.

Files with the "e" extension are executable/system files and **shouldn't be deleted**

There are four buttons at the top of each window. 

 - Red - Close window 
 - Yellow - Maximalize the window
 - Green - Minimalize the window to taskbar
 - Blue - Move the window to second monitor (or first)

You can also **drag and resize the windows**, but note that **terminal and chat app are not resizable** (only fullscreen)

## Objectives
Note that objectives can be completed only in the way provided by the game. 

For example, you have to move xxx file from one server to another, game is very easy so game expects that you download the file from one server, and upload the file to the second server. 
But you can rename the file to yyy, download it, then upload and rename again, then the game doesn't pass the objective

## Commands
To get help with the commands in the game, enter the command "**help**" in the terminal. There are also several commands not described in "help" in the game, but they are described in other places (eg text files)

Termlib is additional library. Its licensing requirements state that the library is free, but must be attached together with help files. Help files are not used in the game. Only the `termlib.js` file is used.